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List of Accepted Papers

We list below the papers accepted for presentation/publication at ITW'2003. The acceptance rate is 44% without the recent results papers. The acceptance rate is 68% after including the recent results papers. All papers have been classified into 9 different fields. The list of invited papers can be found down in the same web page, including the two plenary talks by Gérard Battail and Neil J.A. Sloane. Manuscripts will be of 4 page length (double column) in the workshop proceedings. All authors must sign an IEEE copyright form. An electronic version of the proceedings will appear on the IEEE online database Xplore.
  • Algebraic coding and coding theory
    • 0108: "Algebraic decoding of (79,40,15) quadratic residue code using inverse-free Berlekamp-Massey algorithm",
      by T.K. Truong, Y. Chang, I.S. Reed, R. He, C.D. Lee and Y.H. Chen.
    • 0146: "A Reed-Solomon decoding algorithm for correcting bursts of erasures of real-time data in packet switched networks",
      by Jaco Versfeld, H.C. Ferreira and A.S.J. Helberg.
    • 0177: "On the structure of the binary (18,9,6) linear code",
      by Morteza Esmaeili, M. R. Yazdani, and Aaron Gulliver.
    • 0183: "A generalization of traceability codes using ideal-based codes",
      by Marcel Fernandez and Miguel Soriano.
  • Source coding and joint source-channel coding
    • 0114: "Lower bounds on the existence of binary error-correcting variable-length codes",
      by Catherine Lamy and François-Xavier Bergot.
    • 0115: "Optimised constructions for variable-length error correcting codes",
      by Catherine Lamy and Johann Paccaut.
    • 0133: "Low Density Parity Check Matrices for Coding of Multiple Access Networks",
      by Jun Muramatsu, Tomohiko Uyematsu, and Tadashi Wadayama.
    • 0193: "Serial Turbo Coding for Data Compression and the Slepian-Wolf Problem",
      by Isabel Deslauriers and Jan Bajcsy.
    • 0197: "MAP Decoding of Variable Length Code with Substitution, Insertion and Deletion",
      by Zhe Wang and Xiaolin Wu.
  • Cryptography and cryptanalysis
    • 0125: "A Flaw in a Self-Healing Key Distribution Scheme",
      by Carlo Blundo, Paolo D'Arco and Massimiliano Listo.
    • 0126: "An authentication scheme based on roots of sparse polynomials",
      by Joachim von zur Gathen, Amin Shokrollahi and Igor Shparlinski.
    • 0129: "Construction of a shared secret key using continuous variables",
      by Jean Cardinal and Gilles Van Assche.
    • 0132: "On the algebraic thickness and non-normality of Boolean function",
      by Claude Carlet.
    • 0135: "Optimal Colored Threshold Visual Cryptography Schemes",
      by S. Cimato, R. De Prisco, and A. De Santis.
    • 0138: "Information Hiding by Coverings",
      by F. Galand and G. Kabatiansky.
    • 0159: "New identity based signcryption schemes based on pairings",
      by Benoît Libert and Jean-Jacques Quisquater.
    • 0163: "An IND-CPA cryptosystem from Demytko's primitive",
      by David Galindo, Sebastia Martin, Paz Morillo and Jorge L. Villar.
    • 0165: "Simple Cellular Automata-Based Linear Models for the Shrinking Generator",
      by Amparo Fuster-Sabater and Dolores de la Guia-Martinez.
    • 0172: "Security analysis of an improved group signature",
      by Zhang Jianhong, Chen Xiaofeng and Wang Yumin.
    • 0174: "A Multiple Power Analysis Breaks the Advanced Version of the Randomized Addition-Subtraction Chains Countermeasure against Side Channel Attacks",
      by Katsuyuki Okeya and Kouichi Sakurai.
    • 0202: "Classification of Boolean cubic forms of 9 variables",
      by Eric Brier and Philippe Langevin.
  • Codes on graphs, LDPC and Turbo codes, Iterative decoding
    • 0105: "Syndrome Realizations of Linear Codes and System",
      by G. David Forney, Jr.
    • 0116: "Performance estimation for concatenated coding schemes",
      by Simon Huettinger and Johannes Huber.
    • 0141: "Generalized minimum distance iterative decoding of expander codes",
      by Vitaly Skachek and Ronny Roth.
    • 0145: "Fast decoding algorithm for LDPC over GF(2^q)",
      by Loic Barnault and David Declercq.
    • 0150: "Decoding M-binary turbo codes by the dual method",
      by Yannick Saouter.
    • 0154: "Analog rotating ring decoder for an LDPC convolutional code",
      by A. Schaefer, A. Sridharan, M. Moerz, J. Hagenauer and D.J. Costello.
    • 0164: "Sparse Low-Density Parity-Check Codes for Channels with Cross-Talk",
      by Edward A. Ratzer and David J.C. MacKay.
    • 0180: "Loop Removal from LDPC Codes",
      by James A. McGowan and Robert C. Williamson.
    • 0184: "Wheel Codes: Turbo-like Codes on Graphs of Small Order",
      by Carey Radebaugh, Ralf Koetter, and Clint Powell.
    • 0190: "Factor graphs and dynamical electrical networks",
      by Pascal O. Vontobel and Hans-Andrea Loeliger.
    • 0194: "Convergence of the Sum-Product Algorithm",
      by Sekhar Tatikonda.
    • 0205: "Punctured turbo code ensembles",
      by Ruoheng Liu, Predrag Spasojevic, and Emina Soljanin.
    • 0209: "Partial Reed-Solomon codes for erasure channels",
      by Shirish Karande and Hayder Radha.
    • 0210: "Iterative detection of 2-dimensional ISI channels",
      by Marcus Marrow and Jack K. Wolf.
  • Lattice theory and its applications
    • 0101: "New algebraic constructions of rotated cubic lattice constellations",
      by F. Oggier, E. Bayer-Fluckiger, E. Viterbo.
    • 0147: "Lattices which are Good for (Almost) Everything",
      by Uri Erez, Simon Litsyn and Ram Zamir.
    • 0151: "Codes, Lattices and Modular Forms",
      by Young Ju Choie and Steven T. Dougherty.
    • 0176: "Low-Complexity Near-Maximum-Likelihood Detection and Precoding for MIMO Systems using Lattice Reduction",
      by Christoph Windpassinger and Robert F. H. Fischer.
  • Multiple access, capacity, and detection techniques
    • 0102: "An algorithm for cycle and add property of m-Sequence",
      by Fanxin Zeng.
    • 0137: "Signature coding over multiple access OR channel",
      by S. Gyori.
    • 0161: "Performance and complexity of CDMA iterative multiuser detection",
      by Christian Schlegel and Zhenning Shi.
    • 0187: "Distributive iterative method for minimizing generalized total square correlation of CDMA systems",
      by Paul Cotae.
    • 0195: "Performance analysis of a class of multistage DS-CDMA receivers for multipath channels",
      by Sau-Hsuan Wu, Urbashi Mitra and C.-C. Jay Kuo.
    • 0199: "Improved signal design for bandwidth efficient multiple access",
      by Ateet Kapur and Mahesh K. Varanasi.
    • 0203: "The spectral efficiency of linear precoders",
      by M. Debbah, P. Loubaton and M. de Courville.
  • Multiple antenna coding, capacity, and detection techniques
    • 0106: "Optimal transmission design for MIMO block fading channels with feedback capacity constraint",
      by Vincent K.N. Lau.
    • 0122: "On MIMO capacity for various types of partial channel knowledge at the transmitter",
      by Abdelkader Medles, Samuli Visuri and Dirk Slock.
    • 0139: "Approaching Near-Capacity on a Multi-Antenna Channel using Successive Decoding and Interference Cancellation Receivers",
      by M. Sellathurai, Paul Guinand and John Lodge.
    • 0148: "Analysis of mapping strategies for turbo-coded space-time block codes",
      by Aydin Sezgin, D. Wubben and V. Kuhn.
    • 0158: "Constituent code optimization for space-time turbo coded modulation based on distance spectrum and iterative decoding convergence",
      by Djordje Tujkovic.
    • 0160: "Space-Time Block Coding for Four Transmit Antennas with Closed Loop Feedback over Frequency Selective Fading Channels",
      by Cenk Toker, Sangarapillai Lambotharan, and Jonathon A. Chambers.
    • 0166: "Performance analysis of MAP decoded space-time orthogonal block codes",
      by Firouz Behnamfar, Fady Alajaji and Tamas Linder.
    • 0169: "Cooperative Space-Time Coding for Wireless Networks",
      by Andrej Stefanov and Elza Erkip.
    • 0170: "Very-high rate space-time coding",
      by Adriel Kind and Alex Grant.
    • 0178: "A study of bit-interleaved coded space-time modulation with different labeling principles",
      by Lu Zhao, Lutz Lampe and Johannes Huber.
    • 0182: "Effect of Fading Correlation on the Asymptotic Open-loop and Closed-loop Capacity of MIMO systems",
      by Xavier Mestre and Javier R. Fonollosa.
    • 0186: "Behaviour of outage probability in MISO systems with no channel state information at the transmitter",
      by E.A. Jorswieck and H. Boche.
    • 0189: "On the diversity-vs-rate tradeoff in MIMO systems",
      by Mohamed Oussama Damen and Hesham El Gamal.
    • 0192: "Linear matrix modulators from group representation theory",
      by Rinat Kashaev and Olav Tirkkonen.
    • 0204: "Linear coding of continuous-amplitude sources over SISO and MIMO FIR channels with ergodic coefficients",
      by Venceslav Kafedziski.
    • 0206: "Capacity of large antenna arrays with space, polarization and pattern diversity",
      by Antonia M. Tulino, Sergio Verdu, and Angel Lozano.
    • 0208: "On the Distribution of Eigenvalues for Correlated Wishart Matrices and its Application to Optimum Combining with Unequal Power Interferers and Noise",
      by Marco Chiani, Moe Z. Win, and Alberto Zanella.
    • 0212: "Space-time BICM versus space-time trellis code for MIMO block fading multipath AWGN channel",
      by Antoine Berthet, Raphael Visoz, and Joseph Boutros.
    • 0213: "Optimization of Full-rate Linear Space-time Codes using the Union Bound",
      by Badri Varadarajan and John R. Barry.
  • ISI channels, Shannon theory, OFDM, Networks, and Signal processing
    • 0120: "On the symmetric information rate of two-dimensional finite state ISI channels",
      by Jiangxin Chen and Paul Siegel.
    • 0173: "Signal Codes",
      by Ofir Shalvi, Naftali Sommer and Meir Feder.
    • 0201: "On the statistical distribution of the crest-factor of codes in OFDM transmission",
      by Gerhard Wunder and Simon Litsyn.
    • 0207: "Asymptotic analysis of reduced rank Wiener filters",
      by Philippe Loubaton and Walid Hachem.
  • Soft decision decoding algorithms
    • 0121: "Reduced complexity ordered statistics decoding algorithm for MDS codes",
      by Matteo Albanese and Arnaldo Spalvieri.
    • 0136: "Dynamic Chase Decoding Algorithm",
      by Carlos Barrios Vicente and Jos H. Weber.
    • 0140: "Simple MAP decoding of first order Reed-Muller and Hamming codes",
      by Alexei Ashikhmin and Simon Litsyn.
    • 0149: "Correction of Insertions/Deletions using Standard Convolutional Codes and the Viterbi Decoding Algorithm",
      by M. P. F. dos Santos, W. A. Clarke, and H. C. Ferreira.
    • 0200: "Asymptotic analysis of A* maximum-likelihood decoding with reliability reordering",
      by Olgica Milenkovic and Bane Vasic.

List of Invited Papers

We list below the papers invited for presentation/publication at ITW'2003. All papers will be of 4 page length (double column) in the workshop proceedings. All authors must sign an IEEE copyright form. An electronic version of the proceedings will appear on the IEEE online database Xplore.
  • Two Plenary talks on Monday morning and Thursday morning
    • 0301: "Replication Decoding Revisited",
      by Gérard Battail.
    • 0302: "Recent Results on Spherical t-Designs",
      by Neil J.A. Sloane, R. H. Hardin, and P. Cara.
  • Other invited papers
    • 0303: "A new LDPC lossless data compression algorithm, for sources with memory",
      by Giuseppe Caire, Shlomo Shamai and Sergio Verdu.
    • 0304: "MIMO-broadcast approach for slowly fading channels",
      by Shlomo Shamai and Avi Steiner.
    • 0305: "Quaternionic lattices for space-time coding",
      by Jean-Claude Belfiore and Ghaya Rekaya.
    • 0307: "On products of graphs for LDPC codes",
      by Jun Xu, Shu Lin and Ian Blake.
    • 0308: "A complexity reducing transformation in algebraic list decoding of Reed-Solomon codes",
      by Ralf Koetter and Alexander Vardy.
    • 0309: "The Turbo principle in joint source-channel coding",
      by Joachim Hagenauer and Norbert Goertz.
    • 0310: "Source-channel communication with feedback",
      by Michael Gastpar and Bixio Rimoldi.
    • 0311: "Delay-constrained joint source-channel coding using incremental redundancy with feedback",
      by Andres Kwasinski, Vinay Chande and Nariman Farvardin.
    • 0312: "Replica analysis of large-system CDMA",
      by Dongning Guo and Sergio Verdu.
    • 0313: "Robust slope region for wideband CDMA with multiple antennas",
      by Tarik Muharemovic and Behnaam Aazhang.
    • 0314: "On recursive decoding with sublinear complexity for Reed-Muller codes",
      by Ilya Dumer.
    • 0315: "A coset weight count that proves that the simplex codes are not optimal for error correction",
      by Tor Helleseth, Torleiv Klove, and Vladimir Levenshtein.

Authors: Marie Baquero and Philippe Ciblat | © 2003