"La Sorbonne", Paris, France, Spring 2003

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Related conferences

  • International Workshop on Coding and Cryptography, (WCC 2003), March 24-28, 2003, Versailles, France.

    Conference Themes: the aim is to bring together researchers in all aspects of coding theory, cryptography and related areas, theoretical or applied. Topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Coding theory: error-correcting codes, decoding algorithms, related combinatorial problems.
    • Cryptology: block and stream ciphers, hash functions, public key cryptography, secret sharing, authentication, intellectual property protection...
    • Discrete mathematics and algorithmic tools arising from these two areas, such as :Boolean functions, sequences, finite fields, algebraic systems and related polynomial properties...

  • AAECC Symposium on Applied Algebra, Algebraic Algorithms, and Error Correcting Codes, (4AECC), May 12-16 , 2003, Toulouse, France.

    • Codes and Algebra
    • Codes and Combinatorics
    • Modulation and Codes, Sequences
    • Cryptography

  • International Symposium on turbo-codes and related topics, (TURBO), September 1-5, 2003, Brest, France.

    Objective: The Symposium will be the opportunity to provide a broad overview of the current status and advanced research in iterative methods and their application to information theory, especially for digital communications. All contributions based on the "turbo" or "probabilistic message passing" principle will be considered, in both the theoretical and the application field.

Authors: Marie Baquero and Philippe Ciblat | © 2003